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Sacred Smudge Kit

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The ancient tradition of smudging has been practiced by Indigenous Americans to offer blessings and purification. The Humanist Beauty Sacred Smudge Kit can be used in your own personal ritual to help periodically cleanse away negative energy and replace it with positive energy, infusing your surroundings with blessings, harmony, and peace.


The divine art of smudging is one that we honor and pass to you with reverence. May these instructions help guide you in creating your own safe, spirited cleansing ritual.

  • Use caution at all times. You may open a window or door as needed to ensure smoke does not build up. This will also allow negative energy a clean exit.
  • If your Sage bundle is wrapped tightly, you may want to unwrap and loosen the bundle for easier burning. If your Sage bundle is wrapped a bit loosely, it should burn well while tied (the string is cotton and safe to burn along with the Sage). You may also break smaller Sage pieces from the bundle and burn them in the shell.
  • Light your Sage bundle or Palo Santo stick for about 15-30 seconds. Hold the flame to the tip, slowly rotate and tilt the stick/bundle in different ways to generate a nice ember. Gently blow on the ember in 1-second intervals to maintain it. Always use caution.
  • Sage and Palo Santo will naturally stop burning and snuff out within a couple of minutes (Palo Santo is especially difficult to keep lit). This is perfectly normal and the nature of these sacred items — relight as needed. Be cautious of any breeze or draft which can prolong the embers. Do not leave unattended while burning.
  • Use your Abalone shell to catch ashes or hold your Sage / Palo Santo while burning (shell will get hot, use caution). When finished, store your safe in a moisture-free / low humidity area.
    Note — Abalone shells have natural variations such as iridescence, holes, black markings, and rough patches. You may clean your shell after using to keep it looking fresh over time. Abalone are products of nature that have been traditionally used as smudging bowls for more than 12,000 years.
  • Begin in any room, and start in the area furthest from the exit. Move the smoke from the Sage or Palo Santa all around the room — high, low, side to side, as you make your way to the exit. Traditionally a feather is used to fan the smoke throughout a space, but this is optional.
  • Move onto the next room, and repeat Step 6.
  • If smudging a person or object, slowly move so the smoke flows all around the body of the person or object, top to bottom and side to side. This can be done standing or laying down. Always use caution.


Every botanical item in the Sacred Smudge Kit is sustainably grown, collected, and replenished.

  • Our Sage is grown sustainably and 100% naturally on private land in its original habitat in the mountains of the west coast, USA. It is carefully harvested not to be over-trimmed so that new shoots spring forth after cutting. 
  • Our Palo Santo wood grows in its indigenous habitat in Peru. Branches are gathered by locals after freely falling to the quiet forest floor (never cut). To ensure this sacred tree survives for generations to come, young palo santo saplings are replanted each year.
  • Our natural Abalone shell is harvested under strict regulations to ensure sustainability.
  • Rose Quartz is a soft pink stone that signifies the true and unconditional Love that lives within and flourishes from your Heart chakra. Set an intention of Love with this crystal, and bring your consciousness to a higher level while restoring Trust, Compassion & Harmony.

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