Shifting Your Consciousness to Higher Dimensions

Shifting Your Consciousness to Higher Dimensions

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Speculation about dimensions beyond our physical experience has long been the basis of spirituality, although the term “dimensions” was not commonly used until the last century. Before being called such, these spiritual dimensions were referred to as “planes” that transcended beyond the visible, tangible, physical 3D world. In this blog, we’ll explore multiple spiritual dimensions of reality and the shift from the 3rd dimension (3D) to the 5th dimension (5D) of consciousness.

What Are Spiritual Dimensions?

Most teachings define the spiritual dimensions as discrete realms, entirely separate and different from one another. Between them is an empty void or a sharp phase transition, such as when water changes to ice or vapor. These beliefs can be linked to channelers like Rudolf Steiner, Matias De Stefano, Edgar Cayce, and others, that receive messages from higher dimensional beings.

For example, Rudolf believed that humans once participated more fully in spiritual processes of the world through a dreamlike consciousness, but they have since become restricted by their attachment to material things; while Matias shined in the world of spirituality with claims that he lived in ancient Egypt and worked in a cosmic library, today known as the Akasha library. 

Matias De Stefano, Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner

Pictured: Top Left: Matias De Stefano (Amazon), Top Right: Edgar Cayce (Hoptown Chronicle), Bottom: Rudolf Steiner (Seeds For The Future)

While the origins of the spiritual dimensions of reality come from various channelers, some people hold the belief that there are 9 or more dimensions beyond the 3rd dimension that we currently live in. Each dimension of reality has a distinct set of laws that govern what beings can and cannot do in any given dimension.

The two most common spiritual dimensions of reality that people on Earth are familiar with are their waking state of consciousness and their dream state of consciousness. Waking experiences are mostly in the 3D reality, while what we remember of our dreams is mostly from the 4th dimension (4D).

This differs from physics, which defines the 4th dimension as “time”. If we have a lucid dream, where we can completely control and change our dream world and experience, that is a 5D level of consciousness. The dimensions can be broken down into two groups, being lower dimensions and higher dimensions. Most spiritualists believe that “lower” and “higher” refers to rates of vibration.

In general, lower dimensions are dense, heavy, rigid, complex, hidden, and narrowly focused. They have lower frequency vibrations or energies, and a greater sense of individuality and separation. Because of their lower frequency, they are not able to hold as much knowledge nor awareness.

In contrast, higher dimensions are light, transparent, flexible, less complex, and more broadly encompassing and inclusive. They have higher-frequency vibrations which can hold more knowledge and awareness, including an increased sense of universal oneness and less individuality. 

Breaking Down The Spiritual Dimensions of Reality

A common assumption is that all creation seeks to expand from lower frequencies to higher frequencies. Many spiritual teachings hypothesize this, especially the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts, which also touches on the Law of Attraction, (1960s to 1980s) and the Ra group’s Law of One (1980s). 

But in recent years, other teachings have indicated that beings in higher dimensions often consider all dimensions of equal value. Those types of value judgments (good/bad, better/worse) are a characteristic of 3D beings, including humans and those in the lower 4th dimension. However, it’s being theorized that humans today are collectively shifting from 3D to a 5D state of consciousness.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the spiritual dimensions of reality:

The First Dimension (1D)

The 1st dimension is the first level of consciousness. Everything here is one point; it’s a singularity in which nothing is outside of the one existence. 1D consciousness is pure being. It’s not aware of separation — it simply exists without individual identity. 

1D is also said to be associated with the Root Chakra, which is focused on the most basic human needs and security, as well as our identity with our planet. Others say 1D is connected to our genetic code and that the earliest modern humans were a 1D/Root Chakra dominant culture, focused on basic survival, safety, and community.

The Second Dimension (2D)

The 2nd dimension introduces a second point, which allows the first awareness of separation, duality, and polarity. The second point is a twin or mirror of the first, as in the way a cell’s mitosis splits it from one to two. 

From an energy level, 1D is the universal energy of love, while 2D is when that 1D energy splits into a positive and a negative force. These opposite forces pull and push each other to create waves of energy, or frequencies. Variations in these frequencies create the diversity of forms in the universe. The 2D, therefore, is the energy that creates the universe.

The Third Dimension (3D)

The 3rd dimension allows for the measurement and comparison of objects across space and time. Matias describes the 3rd Dimension as coming into existence when a structure of geometry is applied to the positive and negative energy frequencies created in the 2D. The addition of 3D “depth” to the 2D “length” and “width” dimensions makes these geometric shapes possible.

3D is the beloved human physical reality we experience in our daily waking consciousness. In the 3rd dimension, there is a strong awareness of being an individual with an ego and a body that is unique compared to everyone and everything else. There is also an incredibly diverse life for us to experience because we perceive all people, things, and situations as separate. 

The Ra group also says that a major choice is made in 3D to become of service to either ourselves or to others. Unconditional love for one’s self and all others is the lesson to be learned in the 3D, and is a requirement to evolve to higher dimensions.

The Fourth Dimension (4D)

The 4th dimension is also called the realm of “lower level thought forms”. Like the 3D, it’s built on frequency polarities and comes into existence through interactions between oneself (1D) and others (2D) by realizing that we are both.

However, in 4D, the focus expands beyond what we know as physical reality and turns more toward our non-physical, spiritual realities, such as our dream state. 4D awareness can be regarded as the in-between phase of integration and changing perceptions. This dimension can come with the experience of confusion as we sort through our old beliefs, new revelations, and shifting perceptions.

The Fifth Dimension (5D)

The 5th dimension represents the finest ideals of the 4D and contains the highest versions of 4D beings. Some say that beings in the 5D focus solely on spiritual advancement for themselves and the universe.  

Along with unconditional love, non-judgment is a key characteristic of 5D. This means fully understanding that there is no good or bad and that everything and everyone has value and purpose. Desires and fears are far less pronounced in 5D, allowing beings to experience a less dense life beyond duality and ego. 

The Sixth Dimension (6D) And Higher Dimensions

The 1st through 5th dimensions share degrees of physicality and are therefore sometimes called the “collective dimensions.” In comparison, the 6th dimension and those above are known as the “spirit realms.” They are less connected to physical Earth embodiments, and knowing and operating from the oneness of all creation is a foundation in higher dimensions.

It’s said that these higher dimensions are the realms of Archangels and the Ascended Masters, such as Jesus, Kuan-Yin, Ganesha, Isis, St. Germain, and many others. Some have had Earth incarnations, but most have had no relationship of any kind with our planet.

Many channelers also mention that most of our dreams as 3D beings take place in 6D and 7D. But these are difficult to interpret by our 3D minds. Instead, what we consciously remember is what we filter in 4D, which is just before we wake up. These memories, therefore, are highly distorted.

What Is 5D Consciousness?

As humans, we currently live in a 3D reality, which doesn’t extend much beyond the material realm; it’s dense, fast-paced, and focused on external achievement. The 3rd dimension puts humans under the illusion of separation by forcing us to see ourselves as individual entities moving through life at random rather than sparks of the same divine source. 

Essentially, many believe the energy of the Earth is moving towards more oneness. This can be seen through some of the events that have occurred over the past few years, such as the huge cry for justice to end oppression and systems built to harm Black, Brown and Indigenous members of society, as well as women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and others. While we are still fighting for the rights of some to simply survive, people are now becoming ready to see everyone thrive.

It’s believed that the Earth’s energy is calling us to raise our collective vibration and reimagine the world from the higher perspectives of love and unity, which is 5D consciousness. In 5D, there is oneness rather than separation, love rather than fear, and the energy is more prevalent than the physical.

5D consciousness sees no stranger, and it remembers that we are all cut from the same cloth and we are all infinitely powerful souls. 5D consciousness sees no hierarchy in humanity; in 5D, we all represent love.

Shifting From 3D To 5D

We are currently living in what has been deemed “The Shift of the Ages,” “The Golden Age,” or “The Ascension”. The human perspective is rapidly changing for those people who are energetically in tune with this great shift. One of the many symptoms of ascension involves being able to access more of our extrasensory perceptions.

One extrasensory perception that becomes a staple part of our relationship with reality as we begin to shift from 3D to 5D is intuition. As we continue to mature in our consciousness, we can begin to see that intuition is our primary guidance system. 

These are some other signs that may indicate you’re going through the shift from 3D to 5D consciousness:

  • You’ve become disillusioned with physical reality, which can cause you to reassess that which has been your primary experience and the experience of the collective for a long time, such as the focus of material possessions. During this phase, you may reconsider what you give value to for a deeper perspective of both the material and etheric layers of your experience. 
  • You have trouble relating to those around you. It’s common to experience a degree of isolation as you’re going through a big shift in consciousness. Those around you may not yet comprehend the process and the new insights you’re integrating. At 5D levels of consciousness, you can deal with your relations more easily as you’ll have a greater understanding of the innate interconnection of all beings.
  • You realize you need to make lifestyle changes. As you move from 3D to 5D, you may begin prioritizing the aspects of life that are beyond just material survival; experiences like happiness, holistic health, wellness, and being of service to humanity using your innate gifts.
  • Your unresolved wounds, fears, and traumas have surfaced. As you are transitioning from 3D to 5D consciousness, these experiences can be healed through forgiveness, which may help you gain knowledge, insight, and context. This can help you move past painful experiences and forge forward with clarity and lightness.
  • You question the usual concepts of duality. You may start reevaluating if there is such a fine line between things that are considered good or bad by the collective. When you experience the 5D awareness of oneness and view life from an open heart chakra, duality can begin to merge. 

Activating Your 5D Frequency

It’s no surprise with all that’s happening on the planet right now that we are going through a great accelerated spiritual up-leveling. The world as we know it is changing and we are evolving into more advanced versions of our former selves. While the shift may seem far away or something you’ll never experience, you can start a 5D shift for yourself. 

Here’s how you may begin to activate your 5D frequency:

  • Regularly bring your awareness into your heart and make your main focus adding value to the world. When manifesting, ask yourself this question: “How can l I add value to the world by having this?”
  • Watch the news less and try not to engage in gossip or judgment; attempt to see the good in everyone and everything in your life.
  • Try altering your diet and drinking plenty of good quality water. Eating an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to change your eating habits.
  • Connect to your divinity with self-love. Connecting to the source through your heart can raise your frequency more than anything else and the higher your frequency, the more you may be able to manifest.
  • Meditating is one of the most powerful tools you can utilize when raising your frequency to 5D. You can also try Reiki, which is a Japanese energy healing technique.
  • Learn to listen to guidance from your heart and follow what resonates with you.

In Conclusion

“From 5D, you understand that we are all one and connected” –Carolyne Bennett

There are a vast amount of channelers that have spoken differently on aspects of the spiritual dimensions of reality, but one thing stays the same: 5D consciousness is about love and always working to be a source of good. The future needs to be filled with a sense of unity, and tapping into your 5D frequency is one way to help reach this goal. 

For fun, try this quiz to see what level of consciousness you primarily reside in. Let us know your results in the comments!

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