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Self Reflecting Mirror

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Every time you glance at your reflection, be greeted with a friendly reminder that you are a beautiful human. This charming self reflecting mirror measures 5w” x 7h” and comes with a double-sided engraved wooden base. Perfect for your desktop, table top, bookshelf, or window sill. Makes a great gift! Made in USA.


Many of us have grown up with an inner voice that has been less than kind. Mirror gazing meditation can help release self-criticism, serving to replace it with self-love, self-compassion, and self-confidence. Practicing just 5-10 minutes a day of self reflection (figuratively and literally) can be a therapeutic outlet to support mental and emotional well-being.

How To Practice Mirror Gazing Meditation

1. Set the space and intention.

Choose a quiet, well-lit, private place. Sit comfortably on a chair or cushion. Position your Self Reflecting Mirror so you can see directly into your eyes. Set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes. Have no goal other than to sit with yourself in peace.

2. Tune into your breathing. 

Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Take several deep belly breaths, allowing yourself to inhale, hold, and then slowly exhale. As your body relaxes, let yourself breathe naturally. Turn your attention to any tense spots in your body. Visualize that tension slowly dissolving with each breath.

3. Begin to gaze into your eyes.

Open your eyes and look into the mirror. Notice if your breathing changes when your first look at yourself. Come back to full steady breathing. Consider the message in your eyes. Is it judgmental or kind? Do you immediately focus on something specific you dislike about yourself? Visualize each slow breath dissolving any dislike that arises.

4. Observe your inner critic.

Notice your thoughts as you continue to gaze. What comes to mind? Do flaws come more readily into focus than praise? Do you feel emotions self-disdain or self-adoration? As every thought comes up, observe it, and breathe it away. Notice how emotions move across your face. What does judgment look like? Anger? Fear? Acceptance? Love?

5. Notice where your attention flows.

Continue gazing at your reflection, staying open to whatever arises. Notice any sensations or emotions that come up and allow them to simply be there without judgment. Let your feelings and thoughts simply pass by as you breathe, relax your body, and gaze at yourself. 

6. Practice self-kindness. 

Close with affirmations of kindness, and set an intention to fall in love with yourself a little more each day. Breathe into the energy of your light, that inner beauty that shines so brightly for the world to see. Exhale, and thank yourself for spending precious moments of self care with your reflection. 

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